Excellence Models

   An Excellence Model (EM) is a non-prescriptive framework for understanding the connections between what an organization does, and the results that the organization can achieve. EMs also helps to progress towards higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty of customers and other stakeholders.

 The following are some of the developments resulting from the application of this strategic tool:

  • Strategy Management Processes
  • Establishment of Operational plans
  • Goal setting and monitoring
  • Business process indicators and reporting systems
  • Process improvement through project teams.
  • Customer service standards definition, measurement and improvement.
  • Benchmarking of processes and operational results
  • HR management policies, systems and practices
  • Survey of organizational climate
  • Customer surveys
  • Claim and complaints management systems

In addition, adopting an EM paves the road towards the presentation to Corporate, National or International Excellence awards, such as the Malcom Baldrige, EFQM or the FIBQ awards.

We provide the following services associated to the implementation of EMs:

  • Training in every aspect of the process
  • Development of related management and measurement systems
  • Advisors for internal assessments
  • External assessments
  • Compliance audits
  • Collaboration for the presentation to Excellence Awards
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